For your business to stay competitive in an ever increasingly competitive environment it is important that the cost of energy is both monitored and controlled. With ecWIN you can set up, display and manage your plant’s energy resource information online, from anywhere in the world, using a combination of both push and pull information technologies. ecWIN can be configured to communicate with most existing meters in your plant.  It is a cost effective and easy-to-use solution that turns energy and utility data into enterprise wide benefits.

The Suite helps energy consumers to manage, reduce and control energy costs by identifying and scheduling energy intensive activities, aggregating loads and helping the energy manager to allocate the energy cost per business unit or process.

ecWIN can help you in the following ways:

  • To cut energy and utility costs
  • Re-allocate costs fairly to all business units according to applicable tariff structure
  • Identifying energy intensive activities
  • Assist with the increased awareness of energy consumption by activities and sections
  • Perform tariff comparisons to identify opportunities for savings
  • Improvement programs for energy efficiency of a plant, factory, campus or building
  • Enhancement of energy cost savings through intelligent decision support