Power Infrastructure Management

Our work in this domain is all about ensuring an uninterrupted flow of electrical energy. Principally, we build and provide solutions that use world-class protection and control systems for substation automation.

Our Solutions include:-

  • Telecontrol & Automation
  • Substation Protection Relays & Schemes
  • Monitoring & Diagnostic Solutions
  • DC Power and Backup Solutions

Engineering Information Systems

Our solutions enable customers to manage their assets and work activities, enhance delivery and reduce operating expenses. Our customers operate huge networks and complex infrastructures, often by deploying teams of field service agents.

Our Solutions include:

  • Geographic Information Solutions
  • Outage Management / Distribution Management Systems (OMS, DMS, ADMS)

Energy Management

We provide management solutions for water, air, gas, electricity and steam (WAGES) consumption, metering and billing using our proprietary ecWIN platform.

Our Solutions include:

  • Metering & Measurement
  • Load Shifting
  • Peak Clipping
  • Energy Efficiency