iST ERTU Basic

iST ERTU Basic

Course Description: 

The purpose of this course is to provide Telecontrol Technicians/Engineers with sufficient knowledge to enable them to work with the IST E/RTU.

This course provides instruction on the essential skills required to work with the IST RTU as used in Eskom Transmission. As well as instruction on the hardware components of the IST RTU, the class will also cover the configuration basics required to set up the IST RTU

Topics covered in this training include IST RTU hardware, an introduction to the users interface.

Training Dates: 
30 Jul - 03 Aug 2018
29 Oct - 02 Nov 2018
Duration: 5 days | Time: 08:00 to 16:00
Suggested Audience: 

SCADA / RTU Installation and Maintenance Personnel working with the IST RTUs

Key Course Objectives: 

To provide the required tools to perform tasks of basic operation, configuration and maintenance of the ERTU RTU. Also include the RTU Hardware and Software description

  • Identify IST E/RTU hardware components including rack, PSU, processor cards, IO cards.
  • IST E/RTU Database Structure
  • UNICON Configuration Software
  • Apply UNICON software features that support facility ,devices and SCADA Masters
  • Configure an IST E/RTU to collect data from the IO cards
  • Configure the IST E/RTU to report data to an ESTEL or IEC60870-5-101 SCADA Master Station
  • Demonstrate applications of the following additional features of the UNICON software package:
    • Exporting IO Database Generation
    • Importing PEMMI Files
    • Configuration download
Pre- requisites/required skills/knowledge: 
  • An understanding of RTU and SCADA concepts.
  • A working knowledge of PCs and Microsoft Windows
Course Contents: 
  • Course Overview – Note: That this will always be on the 1st day of any training course. Introduction to SCADA/ Protocols/ Telecommunications
  • Basic Plant signals
  • RTU functionality
  • The RTU MBUS subsystem
  • The different RTU plant subsystems
  • The different RTU communications subsystems
  • ERTU/DRTU subrack assemblies
  • ERTU/DRTU power supplies
  • ERTU database structure
  • Unicon
  • Video terminal
  • RTU logger
  • ESTEX master simulator
  • NS-monitor communications monitor
  • Practical configuration exercises ( ongoing)
  • Test & Accreditation