GE D400 Substation Gateway

GE D400 Substation Gateway

Course Description: 

The purpose of this course is to provide Telecontrol Technicians/Engineers with sufficient knowledge to use the basic functionalities of SCADA GE D400 gateway as a substation data manager in Eskom Transmission substations.

This course provides instruction on the essential skills required to work with the D400 as used in Eskom Transmission substations. Instruction on the hardware components of the D400 is also covered, the class will also cover the configuration basics required to set up the D400.

Topics covered in this training include D400 hardware, an introduction to the users interface, and how to configure client and server applications. SOE and Alarm Management, Time Sync, and an introduction to the advanced calculation tools are also covered.

Training Dates: 
27 Aug - 31 Aug 2018
15 Oct - 19 Oct 2018
19 Nov - 23 Nov 2018
Duration: 5 days | Time: 08:00 to 16:00
Suggested Audience: 

This training module is intended for Telecontrol Technicians/Engineers who have relevant Telecontrol experience and who intend working with the GE D400 gateway.

SCADA / RTU Installation and Maintenance Personnel

Key Course Objectives: 

To provide the required tools to perform tasks of basic operation, configuration and maintenance of the D400. Also include the RTU Hardware and Software description

  • Identify the D400 hardware components.
  • Review how to configure the hardware options and jumpers in the D400.
  • Develop an understanding of the D400 configuration interface and its features.
  • Follow the configuration steps required for the basic set-up of the D400.
  • Configure ESTEL client and IEC60870-5-101 server applications in the D400.
  • Set up sync, event monitoring and alarm logging in the D400.
  • Design a HMI display to present data collected by the D400
Pre- requisites/required skills/knowledge: 
  • An understanding of RTU and SCADA concepts.
  • Eskom Transmission SCS commissioning experience
  • A working knowledge of PCs and Microsoft Windows.
Course Contents: 
  • Course Overview – Note: That this will always be on the 1st day of any training course
  • SCADA 101
  • D400 Hardware
  • Setting up of network
  • Configuring the DHCP server
  • Creating user accounts
  • D400 database principles
  • D400 Software architecture
  • Configuring the D400 to communicate to an IED
  • Viewing data on an IED
  • IEC61850 Overview
  • Configuring Alarms
  • Configuring Calculator
  • Configuring a master station
  • Viewing journals and logs
  • Building One-Line diagrams
  • Backing up and restoring the D400
  • Fault Finding
  • Recap & Test Preparation
  • Test & Accreditation
  • Test Feedback