D25 Replacement Bay Processor

D25 Replacement Bay Processor

Course Description: 

The purpose of this course is to provide Telecontrol Technicians/Engineers with sufficient knowledge to use the basic functionalities of GE D25 Replacement Bay Processor as used in the Eskom Transmission substations as dedicated bay processors. This includes: Hardware introduction, set-up, troubleshooting, and basic configuration.

The course will also include an introduction to the firmware/software architecture of the D25 RTU, and the ConfigPro software used to configure the RTUConfiguration of the D25 to communicate with an ESTEL Master.

Training Dates: 
17 Sep - 20 Sep 2018
26 Nov - 29 Nov 2018
Duration: 4 days | Time: 08:00 to 16:00
Suggested Audience: 

This training module is intended for Telecontrol Technicians/Engineers who have relevant Telecontrol experience and who intend working with the GE D25 Replacement Bay Processor as used in the Eskom Transmission substations.
SCADA / RTU Installation and Maintenance Personnel

Key Course Objectives: 

To provide the required tools to perform tasks of basic operation, configuration and maintenance of the D25 RBP. Also include the RTU Hardware and Software description

  • Identify the D25 hardware components.
  • Identify controls and indications and configure hardware options such as jumpers, and serial input connections.
  • Locate and replace field replaceable components such as fuses.
  • Apply features of the software used in the D25 product family.
  • Identify D25 software components and demonstrate their relationship to hardware, to each other and to the ConfigPro configuration system.
  • Copy configuration databases to and from a PC.
  • Create new and/or edit existing configuration databases.
  • Download and upload configuration databases using the ConfigPro configuration system.
  • Using the WESMAINT and 68K Monitor maintenance utilities, verify correct operation of the RTU, diagnose operational problems and test and commission the RTU before placing in service.
Pre- requisites/required skills/knowledge: 
  • An understanding of RTU and SCADA concepts.
  • Eskom Transmission SCS commissioning experience
  • A working knowledge of PCs and Microsoft Windows.
Course Contents: 
  • Course Overview – Note: That this will always be on the 1st day of any training course
  • SCADA fundamentals
  • SCS overview
  • D25 RBP familiarisation
  • D25 RBP Hardware
  • D25 Software architecture
  • ConfigPro
  • Firmware identification
  • Tools ( Westmaint )
  • Viewing buffers
  • SOE Upload
  • Archiving/ Restoring projects
  • Configuring a Master
  • Configuring the LAN
  • Test & Accreditation
  • Test Feedback