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Whenever a transformer undergoes abnormal thermal or electrical stresses, certain gases are produced which result in the decomposition and ageing of the transformer insulation as well as contamination of the oil.

As a transformer is an expensive asset within a utilities' fleet, it is advantageous to know what its condition is. We provide solutions where a device is installed on each and every transformer whether a single gas unit or multi gas unit. We also have a mobile unit as part of the range so that taking oil samples using a mobile unit is also an option. The decision of which unit to install is dependent on the application of the transformer and the amount of funds available. This advice we can provide during consultation with the client. 

The Perception software is essential for configuring the oil sample data taken from each transformer into a format that can be assessed and actioned if need be.

Products. (GE Multilin)

  • Hydran M2

Based on proven technology, the Hydran M2 uses transformer mathematical models based on IEEE and IEC standards to provide real time information on the overall performance of transformers. This extends the range of monitoring to more failure modes than by dissolved gas and moisture monitoring alone.

When an unexpected failure of a transformer occurs, the operational and economic impacts are substantial. Today many existing oil-insulated transformers used by electrical utilities and other industries are approaching the end of their design life and are exposed to significantly higher probabilities of failures. Stringent regulations on the supply of energy, the reduction of capital investment and operation expense, budgets and the shortage of specialised personnel are also increasing the need to extend the lifespan of these transformers.

Monitoring and performing real time transformer modelling can help reduce the risk of unexpected and sometimes catastrophic failures. This also helps to avoid expensive clean-up, replacement, and unplanned downtime. Early detection of potential transformer problems is vital to the lifespan extension of critical transformers and provides significant business and operational benefits that will:

  • Reduce inspection and maintenance costs by stretching out the time between routine maintenance activities.
  • Reduce unplanned outages with continuous condition monitoring and early detection of primary faults.
  • Provide greater lifespan confidence through the use of on-line model computations providing real-time transformer condition information.
  • Defer major replacement costs by optimising the transformer’s performance and extending its lifespan.

Other products that are available include:

  • Hydran GLA 100
  • Hydran 201Ti
  • Mini Trans
  • Multi Trans
  • Transfix
  • Tap Trans
  • BMT 300
  • Transport X
  • Perception Software

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