GE Busbar Protection Relays

Busbar faults typically have high magnitude currents that require protection relays with high-speed operation to limit damage to the equipment, but with security to ensure correct tripping.  Large dynamic forces can exert mechanical stresses on busbars and this could result in physical damage to equipment. It is important that these faults are cleared as quickly as possible. 

We offer the following busbar protection applications, namely:

  • Distributed Low Impedance Busbar protection (B95Plus) for HV and EHV Applications
  • Advanced Low Impedance Busbar protection (B30, B90) for HV and EHV applications
  • High Impedance Busbar protection (MIB) for HV and MV applications
  • Advanced Light and Pressure Arc Flash Protection (A60) for use in Metal Clad Switchgear