D400 Substation Data Manager

The D400 substation data manager was developed to address modern substation gateway requirements. We co-developed this product together with GE and successfully deployed this to éThekwini Municipality with the first complete IEC61850 based substation. We further developed the product to be adapted at Eskom Transmission substations as the substation gateway and HMI. This development ensures support for Eskom legacy serial protocols within the integrated substation control systems. Flexible modularity caters for expansion as requirements change, redundant hot swappable power supplies allows for simpler field replacement.  Dual Ethernet, hot standby, Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) support allows for deployment in various applications. Support for all modern substation automation serial and IP based protocols makes integration into substation controls systems simpler. On board Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM), USB support and integrated one/single line designer provides substation HMI capabilities.

Examples of the product’s applications include:

  • Advanced substation gateway
  • Basic substation HMI
  • Substation automation platform