D20 Based Substation RTU

We supply the GE D20/D200 Substation RTU/Gateway which is based on legacy equipment that has been successfully deployed worldwide. In the Southern African market, this was successfully deployed to the Eskom Distribution and Transmission networks. The installed base within this market is currently over 1000 units.

This unit supports the functionality of the legacy hardwiring method allowing for centralised and distributed inputs and outputs within a substation environment. The GE D20/D200 substation RTU/Gateway also supports the means to communicate with Intelligent Electrical Devices (IED’s) using serial and IP/TCP based protocols. The support of the serial protocols extends to proprietary products as well, namely ABB, Alstom, Schneider Electric, etc.

Within a Distribution environment, this product communicates serially to the IED's using Distributed Network Protocol (DNP), IEC60870-5-101/103, Modbus, ABB SPABUS, Cooper 2179, etc.

Within the Transmission environment, this product captures the hardwired inputs and outputs from legacy protection schemes as well as allowing communication with other serial devices.

Support for IP based protocols as well as IEC61850 server support exists and is currently being deployed to the Eskom Transmission range of substations supporting this architecture.

GE has recognised the need to modernise this platform and the D20MX addresses this requirement. This latest version of the D20 Product line focuses on NERC/CIP requirements whilst supporting the functionality offered by the previous D20 range.

We developed the ESTEL protocol on the D20/D200 platform for the Eskom market to allow for support of existing systems previously supplied by ourselves.

Examples of the product’s applications include:

  • Legacy hardwired substation RTU
  • Legacy and Modern protocol gateway
  • IEC61850 Server
  • Substation database concentrator
  • Substation serial gateway