Telecontrol and Substation Automation

As demands on infrastructure become increasingly more critical and complex, the importance of accurate real time operational information for the monitoring and control of a utilities' network is constantly growing. You may be facing these challenges with ever decreasing budgets. We develop solutions that provide our customers with the right information at the right time.

Our substation automation systems allow for the collection, consolidation, processing, visualisation and reporting of system operational data thus allowing for the monitoring and control of substations, both locally and remotely.

Transmission level

  • Bay level controllers
  • Substation RTU
  • Substation Gateway
  • Substation Human Machine Interface (HMI)

RTU/Telecontrol schemes are the means to acquire real time operational information from the substation.

The stability of the national grid is the responsibility of the National Control Centre, their core function is to maintain system frequency and resultantly system voltage. Failure to maintain system frequency and resultantly system voltage will result in a loss of grid stability.

Restoration of a national grid could take weeks and sometimes months to achieve. This could result in a disastrous event that will negatively impact a country’s economy.

To achieve their core function national control centres require real time information from the power stations and transmission substations. They also require the ability to make changes at these stations via remote control commands

  • open or close breakers
  • accelerate or decelerate generators
  • change transformer ratios

To do this telecontrol you require a gateway into the substation.

Distribution level

  • Substation RTU/Gateway
  • Substation Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Pole Mount RTU/Gateway
  • Miniature Substation RTU

The requirements for the distribution level within a national grid are not as stringent as the transmission level. However the requirement to monitor and control at this level is just as important.

The emphasis of the operational information is vital to achieve this level of monitoring and control of the devices at the distribution level is required to perform multi-disciplinary tasks.

We provide complete systems as well as a range of products to meet modern substation automation specifications and unique customer requirements. Our existing customer base focuses on electrical utilities an independent power producers.