Peak Clipping Solutions

Peak Clipping involves reducing system peak loads at exact periods.

This is a typical form of energy management. Peak clipping involves the reduction of energy consumption for a limited period of the day. The reduction comes from eliminating unproductive energy use. An example of which can be the reduction of a plant’s compressed air pressure for a portion of the day if the air driven equipment does not require the higher pressure for that period.

In this case, supplying the additional pressure will just increase the losses from any leaks that may be present in the system and energy is subsequently wasted.

The solution also involves decreasing peak loads through a utility's direct control on equipment like air conditioners, refrigerators, etc used by electricity consumers whereby the consumer/s curtail his/her load at certain hours in a day.

This solution not only offers the possibility of reducing the need for additional power plants, but also allows reduction in operational costs of power stations and, to a certain extent, the dependence on fossil fuels (such as natural gas, heating oil) for generating electricity. 

Compressed air and fan applications are generally good candidates for peak clipping interventions.

We offer a comprehensive peak clipping solution involving the following:

  • Identifying energy wastage in the plant
  • Quantifying the demand reduction potential through experiments and/or simulation
  • Developing an automated solution that will ensure the saving is realised sustainably
  • Implementing the solution on a turnkey basis
  • Providing daily performance monitoring and if required, support of the solution to ensure that the savings are sustainable