Geospatial network information for telecomms

We offer solutions for analysis of telecommunications networks companies through our technology partner GE.  

The Smallworld Network Inventory product provides a consolidated cross-technology end-to-end view of the telecommunications networks upon which services are delivered to customers. This comprehensive and integrated view of the entire network combines the fully connected, inside and outside plant of the physical network, with the services of the logical network.

By using GE's leading-edge capability to capture and visualize complex spatial data, this powerful technology enables you to plan, build, and maintain your network infrastructure and to effectively manage the capacity available to provide services to your customers. As a result, you are able to utilize your network resources more cost effectively, providing and maintaining services to your customers more quickly and efficiently.

The Smallworld Network Inventory system is an integral part of the Operations Support Systems (OSS) environment supporting critical business processes. Open access to the comprehensive physical and logical network model plays a vital role in the planning and engineering, service fulfilment and service assurance processes.

The result is a solution that allows service providers to fully leverage the valuable investment made in their network infrastructure.