Energy Efficiency Solutions

We offer energy efficiency solutions to utility, commercial, industrial and mining clients. Efficient devices like heat pumps installed at mines change houses, hotels, hospitals and automotive assembly plants to improve energy management are just some examples of solutions. Other end-user efficiency improvement solutions include the retrofitting of pumps with variable speed drives at utilities and other industrial plants also steel mill and master control solutions for compressed air installed at several gold and platinum mines.

Heat pumps are attractive propositions wherever large amounts of hot water have to be provided.

Variable speed drives are generally suited to applications where there are large variances in demand for a liquid or gaseous feed over time.

Pump and fan systems exhibiting these characteristic are usually suitable candidates for further investigation. Some compressor applications may also fit into this category although others may be more suited to a master control system.

We offer comprehensive energy efficiency solutions involving the following:

  • Identifying energy efficiency savings opportunities in the plant
  • Quantifying the savings potential through a combination of on-site measurements and mathematical modelling
  • Developing an automated solution that will ensure the saving is realised sustainably
  • Implementing the solution on a turnkey basis
  • Providing daily performance monitoring, and if required, supporting of the solution to ensure that the savings are sustainable
  • Optional financing of the project with an associated shared savings agreement