DC Power Systems

Power utilities and telecommunication companies have distributed equipment for the monitoring and management of their networks. Equipment for protection, control and telecommunication requires very reliable DC power to operate these networks successfully. Such equipment is normally exposed to harsh conditions in terms of temperature and dust as well as being situated in very remote locations. We specialise in the design and development of DC Power solutions that meet these requirements in a cost effective manner.

We pay special attention to our customers’ technical and operational requirements including standards.  We select the best products for your application and integrate our power solutions for optimal life span and performance.  Correct maintenance and support by our specialists ensures effective fault diagnosis and resolution, ensuring optimal life expectancy of our power solutions. This is an important part of our service offering, and requires effective control of access, security and configuration settings.

Also offered are DC power solutions to power utilities, rail transportation companies, oil and gas companies, municipalities, mining and telecommunication companies.

Our solutions comprise products from leading international manufacturers of Modular Switched Mode Rectifiers, batteries, energy management and monitoring equipment.