Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Solution

We have been involved in energy metering since the late 80’s, and one of the first companies to supply Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems in South Africa.  Our solutions are based on our own ecWIN™ suite of load data acquisition and display software. Our technology enables customers to report and analyse consumption, verify billing accuracy, or in the case of a Utility, issue accurate billing information.

Metering and communication technology has evolved over the years and so has our offering. Our solution is meter agnostic and we support integration with a wide variety of meters available in the market for meter readings and load control allowing our customers to leverage previous investments in meter infrastructure of various types.  Communication with metering infrastructure is also supported on a broad range of communication platforms including cellular (GPRS), ZigBee, Power Line Carrier (PLC) and Ethernet. 

The solution is furthermore flexible and able to cater for metering information on water, air, gas, electricity, steam and fuel.  Consumption information can also be normalised to power, temperature and other measurements for the calculation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

The AMR solution is provided as an onsite system for our customers, or as a remotely hosted service known as Silk ™.

We see AMR as the first step towards an interconnected Smart Grid for smaller utilities that offers value-added, actionable information to various functions of grid management.