Advanced Distribution Management for power utilities

We provide SCADA Systems, Distribution Management Systems, Outage Management Systems and Advanced Distribution Management Systems to distribution utilities and have done so since the late 1990’s. In essence, we provided Smart Grid technologies to our customers before the term Smart Grid was invented, when 2400 baud was the fastest rate at which data could travel through copper. Our solutions have been used in the distribution control centres of several Sub—Sahara African distribution utilities, including Eskom, Swaziland Electricity Company and Umeme Limited in Uganda.

Advanced Distribution Management Systems provide a single platform that integrates several, previously disparate, functions. In addition to providing a single platform, with a unified user interface, a single network model is utilised across SCADA, Distribution Management and Outage Management functions, enabling network operators to run their networks safely, reliably and efficiently. Advanced applications for distribution optimisation include Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) functions as well as Integrated Volt/Var Control IVVC.

As distribution utilities are faced with increasing challenges such as integration of renewables and distributed generation into their networks. Advanced Distribution Management Systems with applications like Distributed Power Flow Analysis and Renewable modelling become essential to ensure a stable grid.