ecWIN and Silk Course

Training Date: 
Friday, March 4, 2016 - 10:15

Course Overview

This course focuses on topics for ecWIN 6.1 system administrators and meter level & system level customization using the ecMANAGER interface in ecWIN. In a training lab environment, students will add devices to the system and configure the system according to a set of specifications. The course also covers ecWIN folder and file structure, user access, system maintenance and basic trouble shooting. Students will also be guided through a series of lab activities to practice adding and modifying the device parameters as well as creating custom alarms, reports, tariffs, profiles for system monitoring, alarming, and analysis. Students will learn to collect data .Students will then have the opportunity to check data integrity / availability.

This course will also focus on a brief understanding of SilkTM, a web based monitoring application for clients to view their consumption.


3 days

Training scheduled subject to demand (minimum of 6 delegates).


This course is designed for:

  • Anyone who is responsible for maintaining and supporting an ecWIN system, such as system administrators,
  • Anyone who works with an ecWIN system and has reasonable knowledge of the default functions of meters and ecWIN software
  • This course may be appropriate for meter/instrumentation technicians, system engineers and system integrators who need to learn how to get the most out of their ecWIN system

Skills taught

  • Add meters to an ecWIN system
  • Assess the communications to meters in an ecWIN AMR system
  • Confirm data logging from meters into the ecWIN database
  • Configure the ecWIN system to meet specific requirements
  • Assess the modules of an ecWIN system
  • Establish a maintenance and backup plan for an ecWIN system
  • Examine configuration of meters in an ecWIN system
  • Add and modify the billing periods, alarms, reports and tariffs using ecMANAGER
  • Add replacement meter and update channel links
  • Detect meters, TCP/IP
  • Set parity of gecko modems

Course Outline

ecWIN Architecture


  • Review of ecWIN components and installation types
  • Use of the ecWIN Manual
  • ecWIN terminology

Configuration Editor

  • Configuring a Data Source         
  • Adding channels and groups
  • Billing periods and billing period class
  • Configuring tariffs
  • User and user group access
  • Configure accounts
  • Alarms

Data Collection


  • ecDATA and ecSERVER collection
  • ecSERVER calculations



  • Viewing profiles
  • Viewing reports              
  • Data availability
  • Audit trail           



  • How to use SILK        


Training Programme: 

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