Peak Clipping Solutions

Peak clipping involves reducing peaks of unproductive energy use at certain times. For instance, in residential usage leaving lights and air conditioners on throughout the day while you are at work would be a massive waste of energy, and so a peak clipping solution would be to switch these off during your work and travel times.

A more industrial example is in plants using compressed air, where the air-driven equipment goes through periods of the day when higher pressure is not needed. By supplying unnecessary extra pressure wastage will occur through any leaks which may be present. As more common cases of wastage, compressed air and fan applications are generally good candidates for peak clipping solutions.

At iST we offer a comprehensive peak clipping solution involving the following:

  • Identifying areas of energy wastage
  • Quantifying the demand reduction potential through experimentation and simulation
  • Developing an automated solution that will ensure the saving is realised sustainably
  • Implementing solutions on a turkey basis
  • Providing daily performance monitoring and, if required, support for the solution to ensure sustainable savings.

iSt peak clipping solutions make finding a needle in a virtual haystack easy.