Load Shifting Solutions

Load shifting solutions operate under the theory of using more power when it is cheaper, and less when it is more expensive. By using load shifting in this way allows you to reduce peak energy usage during high-cost periods and offset this with increased usage during cheaper periods, which leads to constant daily energy consumption at lower costs.

The following characteristics are indicative of good candidates for load shifting solutions:

  • The process does not run continuously
  • Internal storage capacity is present (such as silos, dams and tanks)
  • There is spare capacity available so that the process can run for shorter periods at higher activity levels while producing the same daily outputs
  • Energy charges vary according to the time of day (i.e. time of use charges are applicable)

We have implemented the following load shifting solutions for clients in municipal, mining and utility sector:

  • Pump scheduling for mine dewatering applications
  • Pump scheduling for utility water pumps
  • Municipal hot water load control systems

We also offer the following comprehensive load shifting solutions:

  • Identifying load shifting opportunities
  • Quantifying the load shifting potential through experimentation and simulation
  • Developing automated solutions to ensure sustainably realised savings
  • Implementing solutions on a turnkey basis
  • Provide daily performance monitoring and, if required, support for the solutions to ensure that savings are sustainable