Stationary Power Backup


We supply the Hoppecke range of Vented Lead Acid batteries and the Haze range of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries in sizes up to 3 850Ah

Vented Lead Acid:

Plantè Cells technology are suitable for:

  • Starting applications, diesel generators,
  • UPS applications (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • Stationary applications (power generation/ premium power back up)


Tubular Cells technology are  suitable for:

  • Solar and other Cyclic applications


Flat Plate Cells technology are suitable for:

  • Stationary applications
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) applications


Valve Regulated Lead Acid:

Gel Technology are suitable for:

  • Cyclic applications
  • Telecoms application


AGM Technology are suitable for:

  • Telecoms and UPS applications


Nickel Cadmium:

Vented technology are suitable for:

  • Switchgear applications
  • Protection and control applications


Ultra low maintenance (recombination) technology:

  • Are used with Vented Lead Acid or vented NiCad batteries to reduce maintenance intervals



  • Cells technology      
  • Tubular Cells technology
  • Flat Plate Cells technology
  • Gel and AGM Technology
  • Vented technology
  • Ultra low maintenance (recombination) technology

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