Remote Terminal Units (RTU) /Substation Gateways/Substation Data Managers

Our product offerings encapsulate the acquisition of information to allow monitoring, control and automation.

The equipment capabilities are:

  • Collect data from the electrical substation using legacy hardwired IO connectivity, serial communications, Ethernet communications
  • Concentrate the substation data, provide advanced substation automation.
  • Visualisation of the substation data for operational purposes.
  • Provide operational data efficiently
  • Provide non-operational data management
  • Communicate with Protection Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) to allow supervisory control and data acquisition
  • Communicate with meters and devices
  • Communicate with Multiple SCADA Masters using industry wide protocols.
  • IEC61850 Servers
  • IEC61850 Clients
  • Bay Level Controller
  • Multifunction IED for bay control functionality
  • Securely access substation devices locally and remotely


Products: (GE Multilin)

  • iBox Serial Substation Controller
  • D20 Based Substation RTU/Gateway
  • D25 Multifunction IED
  • D400 Substation Data Manager
  • DGCM Field RTU

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