GE Multilin - Protection Relays


We supply a range of generator protection relays which ensure that your generator has a maximum uptime while providing vital protection to this important asset.

Various relays and options are available to ensure a cost effective, fit for purpose solution.

  • Advanced Generator Protection and Control for Medium to Large size generators with advanced communication options (G30, G60)
  • Cost Effective Generator Protection for small and medium size generators (489, MIGII)
  • Protection & Control for Distributed Generator protection (G650, W650)

Please refer to the generator selection guide document for more detail on the suitable relay range that will suit your requirements. - link to this guide to be inserted


Whether the protection required is for a large or small transformer, a suitable protection relay is available to ensure that the transformer has the most suitable protection relative to the size of the transformer being protected.

  • Advanced Transformer Differential and Restricted Earth Fault Protection for large or medium transformers (T60)
  • Multi-winding Differential Protection for large or medium transformers (T35)
  • High-Speed, Draw-out Protection for medium or small transformers (345, 745, 845)

Please refer to the transformer selection guide document for more detail on the suitable relay range that will suit your requirements. - link to this guide to be inserted

Transmission and Distribution Feeders

Transmission and distribution feeders require various different types of protection technologies, depending on the voltage level, length of lines of cables or overhead lines as well as required tripping speeds.

  • Fast & Secure Distance Protection (D60, D90 Plus)
  • Unit Protection for Transmission Lines (L60, L90)
  • Cost Effective Line Protection based on distance or differential (D30, L30)
  • Cost effective Multiple Feeder Protection (F35)
  • Advanced Directional Feeder Protection (F60)
  • Comprehensive Feeder Protection (750/760, F650, 850)
  • Cost-effective Feeder Protection (350, MIF-II)


Busbar faults typically have high magnitude currents that require protection relays with high speed operation to limit damage to the equipment, but with security to ensure correct tripping.

  • Distributed Low Impedance Busbar protection (B95Plus) for HV and EHV Applications
  • Advanced Low Impedance Busbar protection (B30, B90) for HV and EHV applications
  • High Impedance Busbar protection (MIB) for HV and MV applications
  • Advanced Light and Pressure Arc Flash Protection (A60) for use in Metal Clad Switchgear


A motor’s life depends on various factors such as the quality of its power, operating temperature and type of loading.

The GE Multilin range has a wide range of relays that will provide suitable protection and monitoring for the voltage level and size of motor.

  • Small low voltage motors (MM200, MM300, 239)
  • Medium motors (239, 339, 369)
  • Medium to large motors (369, 469, 869, M60)
  • Large motors (469, 869, M60)

Special Applications

A substation hardened programmable logic controller with fast and deterministic execution of programmable logic and I/O capabilities (C30)

  • Integrated Breaker Protection, Monitoring and Control for circuit breakers (C60)
  • Advanced Bay Control/Monitoring System with frequency/voltage load shed capabilities (C90Plus)
  • Integrated protection, control and monitoring for capacitor bank schemes. Options are available for sophisticated automatic voltage regulation. (C70)
  • Network stability and Synchrophasor Measurement system (PMU) providing load shedding, remedial action and special protection needs. (N60)
  • Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) that collects, aggregates and archives synchrophasor time aligned data within a substation for post event analysis (P30)

Test Blocks

Any AC current or voltage circuit connected to current or voltage transformers require a method of safely isolating the wiring from the primary plant as well as providing a means to test the relays or meters.

  • PK2 4 or 6 way Test Blocks and Handles have 4 or 6 poles that can be used in 3 phase current and voltage circuits
  • Routine maintenance testing can be accomplished by using PK2 4 or 6 way test handles. These handles or plugs are provided with studs and links so that testing can be accomplished by removing the test block cover and substituting with the properly connected test plug



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