DC Power Solutions


Powertech System Integrators (PTSI) as part of its product range is able to supply the locally designed and integrated Cordex range of Modular Switched Mode Rectifiers and System Control modules into DC solutions for a variety of system applications in order to meet specific customer requirements.

Our Battery Chargers are specifically designed to recharge all types of stationary batteries from 24V DC to 220V DC with a maximum power output of 13kW for convection cooled rectifiers and 88kW for the fan cooled rectifier range.

Additionally, we supply the Hoppecke Vented Lead Acid range of Plante, Tubular and Flat plate cells with recombination technology vent caps for ultra-low maintenance solutions. These 2V Cells range from 125Ah to 3809Ah.

The abovementioned products supplied include installation and commissioning.


  • 220V 300A Dual Battery Charger
  • Integrated Battery Charger with 110V and 50V Outputs
  • Vented Lead Acid Batteries

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