Transport X

Accurate knowledge of the condition of transformers is essential for all electrical networks. This information allows valuable asset capabilities to be maximised and expensive failures to be avoided.

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) is an established technique and is recognised as the most important test in monitoring power transformers. It is now being successfully extended to other oil filled equipment such as tap changers and circuit breakers.

The TRANSPORT X is a compact, portable DGA system which is designed to analyse oil samples in the field and obtained not only gas level readings but also deliver diagnostics based on standard rules.

The TRANSPORT X test uses state of the art infrared measurement technology to give accurate, reliable results in a matter of minutes. This product represents an invaluable tool for Asset Management and will increase the power of any DGA program.

Extensive field and laboratory use worldwide has proven that the Transport X test gives highly reliable results and that it is genuinely suitable for field conditions.

The TRANSPORT X equipment minimises the risk of carryover between tests. With the ability to go from high gassed samples (such as tap changers) to subsequent low gassed samples (such as main tanks) with no contamination of results the user can confidently test all types of oil filled equipment.

Internal diagnostic software helps to translate ppm data into valuable information by employing standard DGA interpretation rules e.g. Duval’s triangle, key gas analysis etc.

These established algorithms assist the user to analyse the condition of the transformer. The accompanying TransportPro PC software allows the user to download records to a PC database for export to PERCEPTION* software or Excel.


These are some of the benefits and features of the Transport X equipment:

  • Has a wide detection range with excellent accuracy for all seven fault gases.
  • The unit measures water content in oil. The water concentration can be expressed as parts per million or relative saturation.
  • Easy step-by-step operation. No extensive calibration, set-up or interpretation of results required.
  • On-site results in less than thirty minutes.
  • The unit requires no calibration or carrier gases.
  • 11kg (24lbs) in a rugged convenient carry case.
  • Includes DGA diagnostic algorithms - Rogers’ Ratios, Duval’s Triangle, Japanese ETRA and IEEE® Key gas. Also includes user settable “Caution and Warning” thresholds on all gases.
  • Ability to test gas samples taken from Buchholz Relays
  • Includes TransportPro PC software package to allow storage and exporting of results.
  • Complimentary Kelman PERCEPTION software supplied with each TRANSPORT X for trending & analysis of results.