Perception Software

The Perception Commander is an advanced software platform designed for Engineers/Asset managers to monitor their power transformer fleet. With a fully integrated approach. The Perception Software collects measurement data and assist the user to make decision based on reliable information.


These are some of the benefits and features of the Transport X equipment:

  • Fully automated DGA data download
  • Alarm notification system
  • Simplified trending to advanced diagnostics
  • Intuitive/configurable interface
  • With a simple user interface, sophisticated diagnostic tools and flexible tree structure for viewing the network, Perception Commander allows the user to manage individual transformers up to complete power systems.
  • Create your network and quickly view its status.
  • Perception Commander’s built in scheduling automatically downloads results, populating a centralised database allowing instant user access.
  • Emails and SMS alerts outline the current state of the transformer, indicating the nature of the event – Alarm, Caution or return to the OK state proving numerical details of the gas levels and historical measurements.
  • Using the Asset Tree, the user can select a transformer and view the data in various formats to identify trends.
  • Plot gas levels against load and other sensor readings.
  • When Caution and Alarm limits have been exceeded, Perception highlights theses using a predefined colour codir system