Multi Trans

Knowledge of the condition of transformers is essential for all electrical networks and on-line monitoring of critical transformers is becoming increasingly vital. This information allows valuable asset capabilities to be maximised and expensive failures to be avoided.


Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and moisture measurement of the insulation oil are recognised as the most important tests for condition assessment of transformers.


These are some of the benefits and features of the Multi Trans equipment:

  • The unit is designed for large transformers with three single phase tanks or for three adjacent transformers.
  • The system has three separate oil supply channels allowing complete DGA for three individual transformer main tanks.
  • Extensive field use proves that the unit provides reliable information and represents an invaluable tool for asset management.
  • It avoids costly unplanned outages
  • Transformer faults detected in their infancy
  • Transformer output optimised safely
  • Transformer ageing can be calculated
  • Type of fault can be classified from results
  • Eight gases plus moisture and nitrogen
  • Monitors up to three individual transformer tanks with one MultiTrans unit. Maximum single tube length between MultiTrans and a transformer valve is 30m.
  • Cutting edge technology
  • No carrier gases or calibration gases required
  • Advanced asset management software providing sophisticated graphical trending and diagnostic analysis of results.
  • Extensive local and remote communications options.
  • Sophisticated programmable alarm system
  • No outages required: reduces expense and inconvenience for user
  • LCD display provides up to date information on site
  • The unit will sample all three tanks in turn. Tank sequence and sampling rate frequency programmable to increase if caution or alarm levels are exceeded. Circuits with higher alarm status will have priority in scheduling.
  • Allows results to be analysed against loading of the transformer.
  • Additional inputs for up to five sensors. Three 12 to 30 VDC digital inputs can be used for special applications.
  • Internal modified head space gas extraction.