D25 Multifunction IED

We supply the D25 multifunction IED which combines the requirements for substation control and automation in a single box solution. This product can also be adapted to address various applications. The support for legacy hardwired inputs and outputs lends itself to be applied as a small substation RTU. Support for proprietary legacy protocols further enhances the small substation RTU capabilities.

Optional Ethernet LAN support as well as IEC61850 server and GOOSE capability allows for deployment in substations with modern substation control systems architecture. Optional AC analogue inputs provide measurement capability. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) support allows for basic protection functionality including synchronism check, auto reclosing, fault recording, etc. optional built in IEC61131 logic processor allows for complex substation automation.

Examples of the product’s applications include:

  • Bay level controller
  • Distribution level RTU
  • Bay level gateway
  • IEC61850 Server